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giantkone approached shanghai ocean university with elevator safety knowledge

released on:2016-10-14

to further popularize the safety knowledge of elevators and improve the awareness of elevator safety for teachers and students at campus, giantkone shanghai branch co-organized “elevator safety at campus, engaging in safety and harmony” - elevator safety knowledge popularization activities with shanghai ocean university recently.

on the same day, giantkone set up illustrated propaganda board at the campus of shanghai ocean university, and handed out elevator safety manuals. the on-site quiz interaction attracted teachers and students in the school to participate enthusiastically and actively. our professional elevator maintenance staff also patiently explained the basic structure of elevators, related safety protection devices, and precautions for boarding.

“one stop, two observe and three pass, elevator safety tips must be properly noted....” in the subsequent “elevator safety class”, giantkone’s safety ambassador gong lihui elaborated to the students how to take elevator in a safe and civilized manner and how to properly handle the emergency when the elevator fails through video presentation and on-site interactive lecture. teaching with pleasure, every teacher and student present established a sense of safe riding.

giantkone is adhering to the tradition of “giving back to the society whatever gains from the society” and always keep giving back to society in mind. the elevator safety education activities are dedicated to conveying the concept of safe riding to the public and jointly building a warm and harmonious and happy homeland. since the start of the event, it has cooperated with various geological supervision agencies and partners in various cities across the country to carry out various forms of elevator safety training in large communities and campuses.


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