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"long march 5" successfully launched, giantkone as the guardian of china's space dream!

released on:2016-11-08

at 20:43 on november 3, 2016, beijing time, china's first large-scale launch vehicle, long march 5, was ignited at the wenchang launch site in china. the first launch mission of long march 5 launch vehicle was a complete success, marking the upgrading of china's launch vehicle, with the carrying capacity entering the international advanced ranks. it is a crucial step to move forward from an aerospace giant to aerospace power.

china wenchang rocket launch base project (referred to as project 078) is the fourth country in the world after xichang, jiuquan and taiyuan for rockets, satellites and other space launch bases. the project is under the jurisdiction of the general armaments department of the people's liberation army and is a national key project.

the general armament department project 078 used a total of 83 giantkone elevators, including 13 for the “rocket vertical assembly testing workshops” (9 passenger elevators and 4 escalators), 1 for the “space command center set facility”, and 69 for the “space command center office building, apartment building and supporting facilities”, involving all kinds of load small machine room/machine room-less elevators and escalators. from the installation to putting into use, the company never had the slightest slack. the safety inspection team of the company also visited the project site several times to carry out thorough investigation.

on june 25, 2016, the world-renowned manned space project - china's newly developed long march no. 7 launch vehicle was launched for the first time at the wenchang space launch center in hainan, and successfully delivered the payload to a predetermined orbit. the mission was a complete success. giantkone also successfully guaranteed the launch mission.


wenchang rocket launch base of china will make important contributions to the major leap in china’s space technology and the great feats of the chinese people in climbing the world’s technological peaks. giant co., ltd. will also add luster to china's space industry with high-quality products and services!


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