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giantkone joined hands with sunac to renew the taoyuan dream

released on:2016-12-02

recently, giantkone won an important order for the shihu taohuayuan project in suzhou and will provide 101 gpn63e machine room-less passenger elevators for the shihu taohuayuan project developed by sunac china.

21st century taohuayuan

for thousands of years, "taoyuan faith", the land of peace and happiness, has been sought after worldwide. from lao tzu and zhuangzi philosophy in china to the naturalism advocated by the americans, the "taoyuan faith" of mankind embodies the inevitable trend of living style in the world.


sunac china is committed to building luxury homes for the distinguished class and has set a benchmark for top luxury properties in suzhou and even china. in 2016, sonac’s team of suzhou taohuayuan project explored the whole suzhou city and strictly selected the site at the national scenic spot in shihu lake with cultural history, historical veins, human veins, land veins, and financial resources south of the yangtze river. and sunac shihu taohuayuan aims to carry forward the essence of suzhou taohuayuan project.


located in the core of gusu district, sunac shihu taohuayuan is endowed with 260,000 square meters of shihu scenic area, 3.6 square kilometers of lake view and 10 kilometers of leisure lake shoreline. including two ultimate real estate products, villas and houses, it is the only low-density new chinese-style villas in the national shihu scenic area.

centennial inheritance from kone

as a leader in the global elevator and escalator industry, kone manufactured the first machine room-less elevator in the market in 1996. in this project, 101 gpn63e machine room-less passenger elevators provided for sonac shihu taohuayuan are exactly from the inheritance of kone’s leading machine room-less technology. the highly integrated control system makes the system more efficient and reliable. the optimized mechanical design and noise reduction technology make the ride more stable and comfortable. the advanced energy-saving technology keeps it green in the whole process.


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