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giantkone 2017 annual conference of employees successfully held

released on:2017-01-13

giantkone 2017 annual conference of employees successfully held

following the fruitful year of the monkey is the blooming year of the golden chicken. on january 13, 2017, giantkone 2017annual conference of employees was successfully held at the new century grand hotel in dongwu, huzhou. leaders of the company’s management team, general managers of each region, general managers of branch companies and all employees of the company’s operating headquarter and factories gathered together to celebrate the grand event and open a new chapter in the new year. picture: happy exchange stands not only for sincere friendship, but also for best wishes.

through the thick and thin, we join hands and press ahead. in the beginning of the conference, mr. jiang wei, executive vice president of kone global and president of greater china, delivered his sincere blessing through video. in the video, mr. jiang first affirmed giantkone' great performance in 2016 and thanked giantkone’s employees for their efforts. he said that kone would fully support giantkone in technology research and development, product strategy, and installation maintenance, human resources and financial management. he also emphasized again that we should focus on safety and quality in all aspects of our business. this was our top priority.

mr. jiang zhenhui, president of the company, expressed sincere gratitude to all employees who worked so hard for the company in the past year, and extended greetings and wishes to the company. in his annual key note report, jiang pointed out that in the context of the global economy's continued instability, giantkone still seized the opportunity to create good performance in a difficult environment. we have achieved steady development in new product r&d, lean production and cost control. in 2017, we should tap the optimal growth opportunities in each market, fully understand the competition, and most importantly, create the maximum value for our customers. we hope that our staff will fight hard side by side like those in the chinese women's volleyball team, turning challenges into opportunities and making further development based on new starting points.

recognizing the advanced personnel and continuing to compose the magnificent chapter. the development of an enterprise is inseparable from the joint efforts of every employee. in the challenging 2016, a group of advanced individuals and teams stood out in giantkone, who were dedicated, ambitious and willing to work hard. at the conference, general manager wu zhijie and president jiang zhenhui awarded them “excellent team” and “top ten employee” respectively.

after celebrating 2016 with singing and dancing, the dinner party started when everyone celebrated with a toast. a video of new year's greetings by colleagues from the frontline branches warmed the heart of everyone at the dinner party. the wonderful shows directed by performed by employees at various departments offered a splendid spiritual feast. the fresh and melodious dulcimer solo, the classical and graceful dance, the warm and romantic song and dance... brought a visual feast to the audience. at the same time, the most expected lucky draw session pushed the atmosphere of the annual conference to the climax. everyone was cheering and looking forward to winning a prize. every winning employee could not help smiling and feeling excited about this unexpected happiness.  

the employee conference also used wechat big screen for interaction. the employees on the spot and in the branches all over the world expressed their best wishes for the company, colleagues, and family on the wechat wall. the blessings filled the hearts of everyone with love and warmth.


2017, setting sail on a new journey bidding goodbye to yesterday, we stand at a new starting point; looking to tomorrow, we will work even harder to compose a greater chapter. at that night, we gathered together; at that night, we sang and danced; at that night, we let our dreams fly. the glory of 2016 was concluded here. in 2017, we will work together and persevere to create another glory for giantkone elevator!



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