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focus·get ready· open a new page | giantkone elevator co., ltd. 2017 annual marketing meeting successfully held

released on:2017-03-01

waterfront vitality, sunshine in ancient city,

at this most brilliant moment,

we united everyone’s minds,

gathered great strength,

to launch a new chapter that belongs to giantkone.


gathering at the famous capital in taihu lake

on february 28, 2017, 2017 annual marketing conference of giantkone elevator co., ltd. was held at the south bank of taihu lake in huzhou. a total of more than 400 representatives from partners across the country, giantkone’s senior management personnel and general managers of the branches gathered together for a grand ceremony.



making progress together to compose a new chapter of giantkone

mr. jiang wei, executive vice president of kone corporation and president of kone greater china delivered a welcome speech. he first expressed sincere gratitude to the partners and all colleagues who were working and fighting together with giantkone all the way. in 2017, we will focus on customers and users and provide better solutions and services. by continuously innovating and upgrading new skills, we will keep the market share and expand our competitive advantage in the fierce market competition.

at the scene, we are especially honored to have mr. li xin, investment manager of icbc credit suisse asset and senior industry researcher to give a speech entitled “real estate: from gold to silver”. he gave a detailed analysis of the traditional real estate industry and shared his own opinions on future industry trends.

2016 was a year of milestone significance for giantkone. kone’s shareholding in giantkone increased to 100%. subsequently, mr. ai tuohan, executive vice president of kone corporation, introduced kone’s mission - to improve the flow of urban life. he also stated that kone would be fully support for giantkone in r&d, product strategy, installation, maintenance, human resources and financial management.

at the meeting, mr. jiang zhenhui, president of the company, made an annual key note report. he analyzed the trend of china's elevator market and reviewed the great achievements made by giantkone in r&d and sales in the past year. we will face challenges and opportunities that are coexisting in 2017 through new initiatives. let us work together to build a new chapter of glory.

only by continuous innovation can enterprises keep vitality in its development and growth. carrying forward kone’s centennial heritage, giantkone will also create a perfect user experience with innovative passenger flow solutions. mr. hai huala, vice president of r&d of the company, and mr. ou hailong, director of marketing and communications, communicated to the attendees the product plans and strategies of giantkone in 2017.


renew the legend to play the strongest dreaming melody

in this great era that gives the wise a sky to fly and the brave a battlefield to fight, it is those with far-sighted strategic vision who join hands with giant to create an immortal legend with determination, courage and ease.

mr. ai tuanhan, executive vice president of kone corporation, mr. jiang wei, executive vice president of kone corporation and president of kone greater china, and mr. jiang zhenhui, president of giantkone, launched the tuba and the most wonderful new movement of giantkone. the award ceremony began in a warm and grand atmosphere.

in the eagerness of everyone, the prizes were announced one by one to commend and reward partners with outstanding sales performance in 2016, and inspire them to create more glories in the coming year.    

in the afternoon, giantkone partners and guests visited the factory. advanced and complete production equipment, well-organized production processes, modern 5s management and new safety component production lines deeply impressed the guests.

the brand-new “you are invited to launch the extraordinary together” 2017 new product release hall for this annual conference was full of people. the mysterious high profile giantkone gm8 disc motor was officially revealed, which attracted the guests on site gathering around to take a look. the high-speed elevator gps73k, commercial escalator ge20kii and multiple models jointly developed with kone’s r&d team could be widely applied in various products. the signal system also made partners very interested. everyone listened carefully and discussed with each other in the new product release hall.



celebration with happy songs and dance with magnificent melody

before the dinner party started, the guests watched the video from mr. henrik ehrnrooth, president and ceo of kone corporation for the annual conference together.

mr. dong lixin, deputy mayor of huzhou city, and mr. yang weidong, director of nanxun district, attended the dinner party. director yang delivered an address on behalf of the government. in his speech, he mentioned: “as the leader of nanxun’s elevator industry, giantkone has made outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of nanxun. it is expected that massive high-quality partners will cooperate with giantkone, work closely together to build giantkone into a world-class elevator brand and realize mutual benefits and win-win.”


toasting, singing and dancing enlivened the dinner scene.

the magnificent passionate water drums, eye-catching magic, reverberating sounds, giant voices, dynamic dances and other exciting performances arranged by the company's employees were on show, winning great applause. the show “an odyssey in finland” performed by giantkone’s vice presidents and regional general managers was very exciting and won thunderous applause from the audience. at this feast of passion and dream, everyone had a great time drinking, cheering, exchanging and expressing appreciation to each other!



giantkone in 2017

will unite the sincere aspiration of every giantkone person

gather the power of every giantkone person

with a brand-new attitude and firm belief

get ready to set sail for a brighter future

unit efforts and gather strength to open a new chapter!



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