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giantkone joined hands with lerthai group to change city life

released on:2017-04-08

recently, giantkone (hereinafter referred to as "gk" for short) has successfully won the benchmark project of lerthai group - handan lerthai center · chuancheng street and handan lerthai home to provide a total of 99 elevators for both projects.

a lerthai town, a millennium chuangcheng street

handan chuancheng street · lerthai center city is a project developed by lerthai group. approved by the cpc central committee and the state council, the project is a national key development project. based on the protection and development of historical and cultural heritage in handan, with the connotation of the capital of the state of zhao, chuancheng street · lerthai center city is a cultural tourism business and trade block with the collection of sightseeing, entertainment, catering and shopping.



dreaming green eco home

developed by the real estate company under lerthai group china, handan lerthai home project covers a total area of 102 mu, total construction area of approximately 330,000 square meters, and totally 2,300 households or so. as the perfect combination of high-end residential and commercial facilities, its new chinese-style building complex and enclosure community layout outline the most beautiful city skyline. the project is adjacent to youth road in the north and overlooks the 12,000 m2 qinhe ecological park in the south. just a few steps away from the historic 360 mu congtai park, it is a well-deserved riverside beautiful garden residence.

technology changes elevator, which in turn changes life

giantkone focuses on urban development and the changes in the environment. adhering to the product concept of "energy saving and environmental protection", giantkone applies advanced green technologies to various products.

giantkone provided 71 elevators to handan chuancheng street project and 28 for handan lerthai home, including gps33e small machine room passenger elevators, gps53k small machine room passenger elevators and gpn60k machine room-less passenger elevators and gon20k machine room-less sightseeing elevators. in the future, giantkone will work with lerthai group to create a city name card with “green ecology, regional characteristics, model new town and harmonious life”.


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