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350 meters, the deepest in the world! kone tytyri high-speed elevator test tower reopened on april 15, 2017

released on:2017-04-15

as a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, kone has carried out extensive repairs to the high-speed elevator test tower in tytyri, finland, which is currently open for use. this world unique elevator test tower is located in the limestone mining shaft, 350 meters deep. kone has the world's deepest elevator test shaft, indicating that we have the ability to develop and test the innovations and technologies of ultra-high-speed elevators. the revolutionary kone ultrarope® carbon fiber belt technology is a good example.

the environment at the test site is more demanding than the conventional building environment, while kone still can complete the test in such an extreme environment. shaft depth means that kone can test elevators operating at speeds up to 70 km/h or 19 m/s. in kone’s unique free-fall test, the elevator can operate at 90 km/h or 25 m/s.

in general, the tytyri test tower after renovation includes 11 elevator shafts with the total length of 1.6 kilometers. among them, seven shafts are dedicated to testing high-speed and ultra-high-speed elevators, and the remaining four shafts are used to test medium and low-speed elevators. such special and diverse combination means that kone can test multiple configurations. in addition to precision analysis on ride comfort and aerodynamics, kone can also develop other cutting-edge innovations such as robot-assisted precision mounting solutions that enable faster installation and more comfortable ride experience.

“in the tytyri test tower, we can exceed the physical limits of elevators that is difficult to achieve anywhere else in the world. in extreme tests such as free-fall tests, we can put an elevator rack weighing 10,000 kg into a 200 m shaft and let it fall to test the performance of safety device and achieve the controlled stop,” said tomio pihkala, chief technology officer of kone.

“the breakthrough technology introduced by kone is game changer in the industry. today, as high-rise and super high-rise buildings continue to break new heights, we will be able to use new materials to simulate the demand of future buildings. we have the world deepest and highest test equipment in the same model that can combine design, engineering and technology, meet and exceed customer needs specifically. and we are very excited about it."

kone tytyri high-speed elevator test tower was first put into operation in 1997. nowadays, it is part of kone global test network. kone has test towers in seven different r&d facilities in finland, italy, china, the united states, mexico and india.

tytyri's r&d team maintains close cooperation with kone's r&d personnel at high-speed elevator test towers in herfinka, finland, and kunshan, china. kunshan test tower was put into use at the end of 2015. with the height up to 235.6 meters, it is one of the highest elevator test towers in the world.

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