giantkone is always there for you

giantkone strives to improve every aspect of equipment from design to maintenance, and provides the best products and services. we will always be there for you with the most reliable, considerate and refined services throughout.

remote monitoring - professional and reliable

giantkone remote monitoring service is a brand-new solution with systematic construction and powerful monitoring functions. we can provide you with tailored maintenance plans to improve the quality of maintenance and enhance maintenance services further, striving to create a more comfortable and smooth people flow.

secured riding experiences

giantkone puts safety first and provides 24-hour monitoring to ensure customer secure.

fast troubleshooting

troubleshootingn at the first moment and solve the problem to avoid all possible accidents.

tailored predictive maitenance

equipment historical data are analyzed to provide targeted maintenance solutions, which greatly improve the maintenance quality, reduce the problem probability, guarantee the maximum equipment operation rate and avoid the waste of customer resources.

professional equipment monitoring and management

clear equipment operation, real-time management and monitoring of current equipment state make customers easy to manage equipment.

easy and convenient installation

fast and effective installation, without affecting customer's building operation.

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