making cities better places to live

giantkone is constantly committed to deliver the best people flow experiences.

product advantages

safe and durable

strict compliance with kone global safety standards


patented structural design, greater space saving

variable frequency drive

variable frequency drive achieves better landing accuracy

matured technology

advanced energy-saving technology enables green throughout the world

safety first

it is just a starting point

digital closed-loop link-free door control system could precisely control the position and opening/closing speed of the door. in the case of unexpected obstruction , the door controlling device will immediately detect the over-load state, make the judgment and  open the door inmeidatelly  to ensure the best protection to the passenger. precise car positioning technology can effectively eliminate the abnormal slippage in between the steel wires and traction sheaves, minimize the possibility of returning to the base station due to accidents. the advanced intelligent protection strictly tests all components before, during and after the each operation, protecting the riding as "star guardian".


improve space utilization

the compact shaft structure design reduces the cross-sectional size of ​​the shaft, which can bring architects more  freedom of design, reduce construction cost, save construction time and materials, and also facilitate subsequent installation and maintenance in the mean while.

green and energy-saving

increase green benefit for you

holding product development concept of "energy saving and environmental protection", giantkone applies energy feedback technology to permanent magnet synchronous gearless drive system. adopted the most advanced energy regeneration theory, giantkone effectively convert the potential energy in elevator operation into electrical energy for power grid feedback, which has greatly reduced the harmonic pollution to power supply and achieved the regeneration and utilization of energy.

comfortable ride

safe and quiet ride guaranteed

car displacement monitoring technology with the precision up to millimeter can achieve almost zero to zero landing accuracy. reliable car displacement memory technology that allows passengers to enter and exit the car as easy as though walking upon the ground ensures that the door opens before elevator lands and landing safety. advanced vector technology allows real-time speed adjustment based on human comfort requirements

elegant and graceful car decoration

process, material, structure, point, line and plane artistic representation. appreciate the realm of life in luxury and honor, enjoy the quality life in elegance and exquisiteness, and feel the true meaning of life in conciseness and simplicity. rich personalized styles can meet the diverse needs of customers, achieving the harmonious unity of reliable inner quality and exquisite visual beauty.

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