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you are full of vigor and longing for the future. giantkone looks forward to working with you to make your dreams come true.

join us and make a difference

looking back at the development of giantkone over the past ten years, we have been working hard constantly.

talent is the most important resource for a company and the key to our success.

therefore, the establishment of talent pool with the characteristics of giantkone and the cultivation of talents in key positions

is the priority for company to achieve long-term, healthy and sustainable development.

sales management trainee

sales lead the development of the company. giantkone has initiated the sales management trainee project since october 2016. it aims to explore and cultivate potential sales elites for all branch companies nationwide and and strength into our sales team. the company has established a special project for the future sales elites at our "huangpu military academy".


full range of programs including campus recruitment, tutoring, training and development, internship evaluation, etc. are designed to help employees quickly transform from a "rookie" to a new sales superstar of giantkone.

with our professional online evaluation, isn't it easy to make career choices and know ourselves?


with our roadshow welcome party led by the six regional directors, isn't it out of question to be familiar with the company and blend in the enterprise?


with our one-on-one tutors, isn’t workplace orientation and professional learning at your fingertips?


with our three dimensions of self-evaluation, leadership evaluation and hr evaluation and two angles of ability and attitude for performance appraisal from probation to regular, will you ever be rejected due to incomplete and unfair evaluation?


without our hq training for more than two months including practical and theoretical trainings, interactions and team building, will you ever have to worry about failing to learn or learn well?


we are ready. what are you waiting for?

recruitment process
  • join us - optimal selection
    • online application

    • online assessment

    • interview evaluation

  • blend in - tutoring
    • welcome party

    • teaching and training

    • appraisal for transfer from probation to regular

  • growth - training & development
    • centralized training

    • returning-to-post practice

    • make-up training

neither youth nor dream can be missed out

it is very important to transform from a student to an employee successfully. we did it. we enjoy our time here. i've learned a lot of experiences and knowledge here. it is a great opportunity for me to practice and improve my abilities. i’m deeply impressed by the history and values of giantkone, and i believe that i will have a bumper harvest here.


— beijing branch / sales management trainee / wu xiaobo




— 上海分公司/ 销售管培生 / 费叶卿




— 南京分公司/销售管培生/ 刘尔鸿

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